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A Multicultural Orientation Approach to Cultivating Cultural Fortitude in Psychotherapy (and Beyond)

Presenters: Karen W. Tao, Amira Y. Trevino, Joanna M. Drinane, & D. Martin Kivlighan III

"I don't know if I should bring up race with my clients." "Should I self-disclose my social identities in a therapy session?" "Why is it important to talk about culture in psychotherapy?" In this webinar, a panel of Multicultural Orientation (MCO) researchers and practitioners will address these common questions. First, panelists will provide some of the science behind the Multicultural Orientation Framework as examined in individual and group psychotherapy contexts. Next, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss ways to implement the three pillars of MCO - cultural humility, cultural opportunities, and cultural comfort - within their own work. We will end with a larger group conversation about the importance of cultivating cultural fortitude in our research, teaching, and practice and how the MCO framework can help us do this.

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