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SEPI Deliberate Practice for Multicultural Orientation Webinar

Many mental health therapists are deeply committed to providing equitable and culturally relevant care to their clients. However, a common challenge for newer as well as more experienced therapists is how to translate their multiculturally oriented aspirations into practice. What does a multiculturally oriented therapist say? When and how do MCO therapists highlight cultural moments in therapy? How do they incorporate clients’ worldviews and values into therapy sessions? In this webinar, we will introduce attendees to the multicultural orientation (MCO) framework and the strong empirical literature that supports integrating it into therapy and supervision. We will discuss how a Deliberate Practice approach can help therapists infuse MCO into their therapeutic interventions. We also will utilize video examples for practicing interventions with clients. Additionally, we will focus on understanding therapists’ intersectional identities and how those identities can influence their expression of the three MCO pillars: Cultural Opportunities, Cultural Comfort, and Cultural Humility. This free webinar was co-sponsored by SEPI and the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology – is part of a research study. Participants completed several, brief measures (10 minutes) prior to and after the webinar.

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